Tengah EC Located at Tengah Town Near to Bukit Batok MRT Station

Tengah EC is a green and sustainable town in Central Business District of Singapore. This eco-friendly town has grown rapidly in recent years. Green developments have become an important priority for Tengah EC and its upcoming projects. Tengah EC and its upcoming projects are committed to making our world a better place. Tengah’s Garden district is located next to Tengah EC.

Tengah EC, also known as Executive Condominiums, Green Developments and Smart and Sustainable Town (also S&S), is a newly developed executive condominiums located in the heart of Tengah EC, right in the scenic green valley of Tengah District. Tengah EC residents and other local residents can enjoy the recreational opportunities of the Tengah Town. Tengah EC is also a convenient option for residents of other towns who want to experience the benefits of a modern town whilst living in eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. Tengah EC residents get to enjoy the perks of living in a smart and sustainable town, with features such as:

The residents of Tengah EC enjoy numerous recreational amenities and facilities, including a health centre, a shopping centre, public park and an outdoor sports club. Tengah residents can get to use recreational resources and benefit from a modern lifestyle. This friendly, cosmopolitan town is at the convergence of great public transport links, such as the bus network and MRT. Tengah EC residents can travel to nearby cities and enjoy the recreational benefits at the same time. Tengah is home to some of the best shopping malls and premium residential communities, catering to the needs and wants of today’s sophisticated urban dwellers.

Tengah EC is ideally located at the base of the central business district, at the foothills of Jurong Lake District as well as Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang. This environment provides the residents with a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. With beautiful scenery and access to recreational facilities, Tengah EC makes for an ideal central location for an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Tengah EC location makes it an ideal community to live, work or visit. It is located near to the popular golf centres and green features in the central business district. The residents get to enjoy the shopping centres and the green features surrounding the town. This means that the residents of Tengah have easy access to the best of what Tengah has to offer. For residents of Tengah, shopping is all part of their everyday life. A trip to the local market will guarantee that you’ll find a wide variety of items available, perfect for your shopping trip. There are many shopping centres nearby including Le Quest, Lot One Shopper’s Mall and Westmall located near to Bukit Batok MRT Station.

Downtown residents of Tengah EC are also well catered for. Restaurants are available to suit every taste and budget. From quick fast food outlets to fine dining restaurants, there is something for every resident of Tengah. The residents of Tengah are also close to the shopping centre, which is great for those last minute shopping trips. The shopping centre is also convenient for those residents who want to go directly home after a day of activities.

Tengah EC is not only great for those enjoying their outdoor lifestyle, but is also ideal for those who need a relaxing and peaceful environment to unwind. There are many restaurants in Tengah, catering for different tastes and budgets. The residents have access to world class hotels and restaurants. They can dine at the same restaurants as the tourists and experience the same cuisines, with many residents having the same favourite dishes. Whether you’re looking for cuisine to enjoy with your family or friends, want to catch a movie in a plush environment, or just want a place to relax, Tengah has the place for you.

The two areas of Tengah that make up the town are the town proper, and the freehold area of Bugis, where most of the condominium buildings are located. There is also a small strip of land between these two areas known as the Tengah Premium Apartment, which is zoned as a premium residential zone. These premium residential zones are sold out to builders, but allow for construction to begin on the adjacent communities. When construction on these communities is complete, the Tengah community will become Tengah’s new midtown.

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